Student Stories From Our Multicultural Youth Service Program -- Global Connections

Read statements from students who attended our Rwandan service trips to hear first-hand about their experience and the impact the trips had on them. Click on each student's name to read more and see photos from their service trip.

Milycen Funez, Snowden High School

"This taught me to be part of something bigger, and the purpose of giving. I came out a better person and want this to continue in the future."

Jaysa Malone, Snowden High School

"As this trip comes to an end, I realize how much I've learned from every person here. Thank you."

Emmy Leonardo, Snowden High School

"We turned the land for harvest, walked up and down hills to collect water, and learned that growing the food you need to eat is not as simple as it seems."

Lexi Manning, Hingham High School

"This was an incredible trip, but what I will always remember the most, are the people."

Jasleen Baez, Snowden High School

"I have not only become aware that it is possible for us to change the world, but you also have to know that you can’t do it alone."

Susi Castillo, Snowden High School

"My life has been changed forever in the best possible way."

Tia Knowles, Snowden High School

“Yesterday and today, we visited the genocide museum and then the memorials. I didn’t cry, but I wanted to, badly... Miss Sherman was crying. I wanted to hug her because I wanted the pain not to be there…"

Geguel Landestoy, Returning Student Leader

"I am so happy to be back in the Village, and re-live the happiness, joy and warmth this beautiful place has to offer...A lot has changed since then, but the unity, love and community feeling all remain the same."

Dahiaa Loaiza, Snowden High School

"It is amazing how the students at ASYV are giving back to other communities and using the tools they have obtained to help better the lives of others."

Jameilis Matos,  Snowden High School

"It’s just so amazing to me, how this place, all the way across the world, has filled so much of me."

Evelise Moreno, Madison Park High School

"The women also make bracelets and baskets to sell at a gift thing I learned was that they are very resourceful, using what’s around them to make beautiful objects."

Christine Ortiz, Snowden High School

"This was my first time out of the country and this was the best place to go. I love being at the village. It opened my horizon on the world."

Venus Pimentel, Snowden High School

"As I leave Rwanda, I am truly happy that I had the opportunity to help others, and make new friends. It wasn’t always easy, but it was so rewarding."

Samira Sadiq, Snowden High School

"This was the best day yet and I can’t wait for tomorrow."

Alexis Stewart, Madison Park High School

"These girls will always be in my heart, and I know I will stay in touch with them."

Watch our slide show of our students in Rwanda!


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