Geguel Landestoy

Geguel F. Landestoy attended Union College in upstate New York as a Posse scholar and graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology and History. He is the son of Dominican parents who migrated to the United States for more opportunities. He says, “I am family oriented for the simple fact that I have five sisters and I am the only boy. Receiving my college diploma was a remarkable achievement for my family and me, due to the fact that I am a first generation college graduate.” After graduating and finishing his 120-page thesis, he decided to find a job in the field of education back in Boston. He says, “I have always had a passion for working with kids, in particular with kids that deal with learning and physical difficulties in the school system.”  He is now working at The New England Center for Children in Southborough, MA as a special education teacher. “I love the work that I do because I am helping kids achieve their full potential and most importantly learn how to embrace their uniqueness,” Geguel says. He is also attending graduate school at Simmons College, focusing on Special Education. He plans to eventually achieve his license as a science teacher.


Geguel was one of the first Boston students to visit and do service work in Rwanda in 2013 on a trip sponsored by the Kerry Jon Walker Fund. He will be returning in 2017 as a chaperone. “I am extremely excited, honored, and grateful to have the amazing opportunity of revisiting Rwanda, a trip that offered me knowledge and opened my eyes to how a small contribution can make such a big difference. Attending as a chaperone in such an amazing adventure and helping other young students learn more about themselves and the struggles that others have to endure daily is such an honor to me as a future educator.” As he joins the Kerry Jon Walker Fund board of directors, Geguel says he is “looking forward to working with all members very closely to help advocate the mission of the Kerry Fund, but most importantly help our future generations understand the importance of extending a helping hand. The Kerry Fund creates leaders to help the Kerry Jon Walker Fund mission, but it also empowers inner city students to become leaders of their own by getting involved in world service.”


Helping Humanity