Over a decade ago, Lexi was a student at the Old Colony Montessori School (OCMS) where she and her family met the Head of School and founder of the Kerry Fund, Mikey Walker. After leaving OCMS to pursue her education through Hingham Public Schools, she began hearing more and more about the Kerry Fund’s mission from her mother, a former Board Member. Inspired by the life-changing work of the charity, Lexi grew intent on joining the board some day to help contribute to that mission. She says now, several years later, that she is honored to play some small role in helping humanity with the hardworking group of people that is the Kerry Jon Walker Fund. lexi-1

Currently a junior at Hingham High School, Lexi enjoys challenging herself with Honors/AP courses, the arts, various clubs, and Track and Field. Outside of school, she likes to spend her time reading, bicycling around on the beautiful coast of her home town, laughing with friends, and traveling around the world on trips both for service and cultural/language learning. A new life goal of Lexi’s is to one day visit the Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village herself, in order to see in person, the 500 smiling faces of teens living there.

Helping Humanity