Phyllis Walker-Hampton

For the past 30+ years, Phyllis has worked in Information Technology (IT) for computer hardware/software companies, such as Honeywell and Prime Computer, and financial/insurance institutions, such as Scudder Investments and MetLife. While she has held a variety of positions over the years, she has spent the largest portion of her career managing teams of software developers with a primary focus in sales and marketing applications. Her career has afforded her opportunities for extensive travel within the U.S. and abroad, while implementing new software and processes for worldwide sales and marketing organizations. In addition, she was an avid volunteer for company-sponsored activities related to giving back to various community organizations.

Her family relocated from Jacksonville, Florida to Boston, Massachusetts when she was 6 years old. She attended Boston Public Schools thru junior high school and graduated from high school with the last graduating class of the Buckingham School in Cambridge, MA. The year after she graduated, Buckingham merged with it’s brother school, Brown & Nichols, resulting in the current co-ed Buckingham, Brown & Nichols School. After high school she attended Benedict College in Columbia, SC where she earned a BS in Mathematics. She also completed some post-graduate work in Computer Science at Northeastern University in Boston, MA.

phyllis-1Her hobbies include reading, cooking, gardening, hiking and traveling. Spending time with her large, extended family and friends is also an important aspect of her life. On any given Sunday, up to 5 generations of Walkers can be found having dinner with her mother Julia, the family matriarch. She also enjoys hosting gatherings throughout the year that usually consist of 60+ close family members and friends.

She is grateful for the many opportunities she had to spend time with her nephew, Kerry, before his passing. Her daughter, Venita, and Kerry were close in age and Phyllis has fond memories of watching them growing up together. Included among her favorite memories are Sunday and holiday dinners at Grandma’s, play dates at the park, sleep-overs, attending graduation celebrations, day trips, and extended vacations to family reunions, New Hampshire and Disney World. Her favorite memory of Kerry is teaching him to make pancakes when he was around 8 years old and seeing his beaming face presenting a plate full of pancakes at the breakfast table!

Phyllis saw firsthand what a kind, caring and compassionate person Kerry was. She can recall his patience with so many of the little cousins that came along after him as he taught them a variety of life lessons and tasks such as sharing, feeding themselves and tying their shoes. She believes that The Kerry Jon Walker Fund is a great vehicle to pay honor to his life as well as continue to spread his legacy of caring for and helping others.

Helping Humanity