Navajo Nation trip

During this trip to Navajo Nation in Tuba City, Arizona, our group was generously welcomed into the homes and lives of our hosts. Each day was filled with hard work, new adventures, and time for connection and fun. Our host family shared stories of their lives and culture, teaching the kids not only the history of our land’s first people, but also how to farm, make traditional food, chop wood, and build a fence. We scaled rocky cliffs and canyons, participated in a girl’s coming of age ceremony, and shared in a traditional sweat lodge ritual.

I was once again reminded of how important it is for all of us to engage in borders beyond our neighborhoods and experience cultures and traditions that differ from their own. To have empathy for humanity, we must hold a place in our hearts for all humanity. We broaden our lives and our minds to embrace this greater love.

~ Mikey Walker


Student Testimonials

“I’m excited to return to my home and life to share these experiences and practice what I’ve learned. I truly feel reborn and that I’m returning with a different approach to life. No matter where I am in life, I don’t think I’ll ever forget what I have learned here.” ~Atticus

“Before arriving at the reservation, I didn’t really know what to expect. Throughout this week I’ve gone out of my comfort zone every day because each day we are doing things that make us come out of our shells. At home you’re always doing things that feel comfortable for you. But when you are away, you step out of your comfort zone and try things you couldn’t see yourself doing before.” ~Sophie

“This whole week has been an out of this world experience. Working in the fields was calming, and good both physically and mentally. We went hiking, discovered old artifacts, and climbed huge sand dunes that we could go sliding down after. Every day has been filled with physical challenges…and I can say it has been fun pushing myself past my limits, getting used to going beyond what I am used to. Being with this family has taught me so much about being part of a community, being kind and a good semaritan, while having fun. I love Chanupa, Jade, Vanessa and Lawrence so much. I hope to come back soon.” ~ Marie

“Coming to a place so sacred to its people, and dipping my toes and opening my mind to learn about its roots and the things history has tried to erase was mind blowing for me. When we worked on the farm, Lawrence taught us how to connect with the hoe and the rake. We picked fresh fruit from trees, learning many new skills. We went hiking in the Grand Canyon, and even climbed a sand dune! The next day, we started something new, something I’d never seen myself doing. We built a fence. This trip has been the kind of experience all learners should take” - Anna

Our Navajo hosts have been great. They invited us into their homes, taught us about their language and culture. I hope to repay everything they have done for us.” ~Dalbert