What our students have to share:


The things I gave today were spirit and heart, because I know these are the things that will be remembered. You can give valuables to people, but that will only last for so long, it won't live on. But when spirit and heart are channeled, it will live on in hearts of others. ~Armani


The greatest benefit from my experience was the education it provided and the relationships I've created with board members and students who have participated in the experience. The Kerry fund is not just an organization sponsoring a service trip, but a second family to me and many others, globally. ~Anonymous


Meeting ASYV students was the most meaningful part of this trip! I’ve changed because of them and things they had to share. You can't experience something from a book the way you do with real life experiences. I’m grateful to The Kerry Fund for this experience, and I will take all I've learned with me to college. ~Erika


I'm grateful to the Kerry Fund for sponsoring my trip to Rwanda. It opened my eyes to a lot of different ways of thinking about life that I will continue to use in my life, like working in community to achieve something. The kids at ASYV work every day towards their futures and what they love, even after the traumas they have been through. Their hardships have been way worse than my, so what's my excuse?~Ramyus Peters


The Kerry Fund gave me the opportunity to connect with something greater than myself, my hometown of Boston, something global and that I would learn was very important to me and who I am... the Kerry Fund provides students like me who attend public high school and have a lower income background, the opportunity to connect with those in even greater need. The Kerry Fund gives opportunities to students and empowers individuals. Jameilis Matos


I can't express how grateful I am for this whole trip. Being able to see all of the animals on safari was amazing, and everyone else's excitement at seeing the animals will live in my mind, rent free, 'till I can't remember anything! Each day I learned something new that expanded my thinking. My favorite time was time with my ASYV family. I loved my family and how thoughtful and connected these girls were. ~Didi


Rwanda is the first place I've traveled to. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience and opportunity I'm grateful to Kerry Fund for. Playing basketball with ASYV students made me realize a lot. The ASYV students worked as a team. Our team from Boston hogged the ball, which eventually lead to our downfall and we could not score enough. When we focus on teamwork, it really makes the dream work! ~Carlos


Rwanda stole my heart when I saw the way the stars looked at night. Some of the students in the village laughed at me and asked "Haven't you ever seen stars before?" The answer was "yes", but I should have said "no", because I'd never seen stars this beautiful in my life.~Shurvyna


The greatest benefit was to learn about a different culture, history, and people's resiliency. It made me realize how many times we hold onto grudges and resentment that keep us from moving forward and living. The amount of care everyone shared for each other was amazing and something we should all carry in our daily lives. To remember to live, accept move forward and help others. ~Anonymous